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Control Solutions Design, Inc.
Control Solutions Design, Inc.

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Classification Codes:
201426-Production control system instrumentation
201427-Pumping units
221019-Building construction machinery and accessories
231815-Food preparation machinery
232718-Welding and soldering and brazing supplies
271122-Power Tools
271133-Precision hand tools
301036-Structual products
301115-Concrete and mortars
301119-Concrete reinforcement hardware
391213-Electrical boxes and enclosures and fittings and accessories
391215-Electrical controls and accessories
401017-Cooling equipment and parts and accessories
401018-Heating equipment and parts and accessories
401417-Hardware and Fittings
401715-Commerical pipe and piping
401716-Industrial pipe and piping
401753-Specialzed pipe fittings and flanges
401831-Tube fittings
411034-Laboratory environmental conditioning equipment
411119-Indicating and recording instruments
411124-Pressure measuring and control instruments
411161-Manual test kits and quality controls and calibrators and standards
432326-Industry specific software
432336-Electrical Equipment software
461117-Infrared IR Sensors
461516-Security and control equipment
471015-Water treatment and supply equipment
421512-Heating and cooling and air conditioning HVAC construction and maintenance services
721540-Specialty building and trade services
721541-Distribution and conditioning systems equipment maintenance and repair services